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The Practice MK is a multi-disciplinary psychological practice.  We deliver our services using only qualified and experienced practitioners accredited by professional bodies.


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Autism Services from The Practice | MK

At The Practice | MK our Clinical Director and Principal Forensic Psychologist, Katherine Goodsell has gained years of experience of assessing and diagnosing autism spectrum disorder for both adults and children in private and NHS settings.


Diagnostic Assessment Service

Our clients travel from all over the UK to access our leading multi-disciplinary assessment service. We provide a full diagnostic assessment service and deliver comprehensive reports that are accepted by the NHS and Local Authorities.  

  • Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • Gold Standard assessment tools like the ADOS 2 and ADIR

Post Diagnostic Service

When someone is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder the natural question to ask is "What happens next?"

Our post diagnostic assessment service provides clients with tailored interventions and a detailed care support plan that:

  • Helps individuals understand their ASD
  • Tailored interventions and strategies to overcome challenges
  • Parent or family support sessions
  • Provide schools with recommendations on how a diagnosis of autism or ASD may effect a child's ability to access the curriculum
  • Identify local services that provide further support

Children's Services in Milton Keynes

Several of our associates have experience working with children and adolescents, predominantly from working within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)as well as Paediatric services.  

Children and young people may need help with a wide range of issues at different points in their lives. Parents and carers may also need help and advice to deal with behavioural or other challenges that their child may be experiencing.

We provide consultations and assessments to develop specialised treatment formulations to inform parents and carers with available diagnostic or therapy options. 

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Psychological assessments
  • Specialist counselling & therapy services
  • Education Psychology Services
  • Specialist Trauma Clinic
  • Autism Diagnostic Service 

If you have concerns regarding your child's behaviour and or their mental health, we recommend speaking to your GP in the first instance and asking them for a referral to your local CAMHS.  Waiting times can vary but you may get an appointment sooner than you think.  Most CAHMS have their own website, which will have information about access, referrals and more.

If instead you would like to know more about the services we can provide, click the learn more button below.

Personal, Business and Career Coaching in Milton Keynes

We provide professionally tailored psychological coaching services to individuals and businesses to help develop potential and support your personal or business objectives.

Our coaches are able to draw from years of experience and identify specific psychological coaching models which will benefit you the most.

We are based at Warren Park in Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes and can meet you at our practice or at your home or place of work.

Consultation Service

The Practice MK is a specialist provider of mental health and diagnostic assessments, counselling and talking therapy services.  We support clients to overcome mental health challenges that may be effecting day-to-day activities.  Our approach to client care is unique with our services delivered using a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, counsellors, therapists and well being practitioners. 

We often recommend a consultation for clients who wish to understand the underlying cause of their negative emotions and unwanted behaviours and explain how these might be changed.  For clients with complex difficulties a consultation is an opportunity to formulate an effective evidence based treatment plan or to assist in onward referal to local or private healthcare professionals.

Initial Consultation

A 90 minute appointment with one of our HCPC registered psychologists that has the experience and understanding of the area of concern you wish you discuss. Feedback is provided towards the end of the appointment and a short letter summarising the consultation will be sent out to you by secure email the next working day.

Enhanced Consultation

For clients who are experiencing severe challenges or present with complex difficulties we may recommend an enhanced consultation. In addition to a 90 minute appointment with one of our HCPC registered psychologists an enhanced consultation includes:

  • Tailored self-assessment pack to complete prior to your appointment.  This may include assessments for you, a relative or your child's school to complete
  • A developmental questionnaire
  • A full 90 minute appointment
  • A comprehensive report sent to you by secure email within 7 working days.
  • If appropriate, we will provide a referral to other healthcare providers on your behalf.

Our Counselling and Therapy Team In Milton Keynes

For counselling and therapy in Milton Keynes our practice is accredited, private and client led meaning we put your interests first.  Our team includes Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists who are able to draw upon their extensive experience and training using a range of different frameworks such as:

 CBT | EMDR | Humanistic | Integrative | Mindfulness | Person Centred | Psychodynamic | Solution Focused | Trauma


What we can help with

For clients with severe or complex needs we often recommend a consultation with one of our psychologists before commencing any therapy.  This is to ensure we provide individuals with the most appropriate course of therapy, which can reduce your fees over time.

Click on the topics below to view information, support and further resources if you or someone you know may be experiencing difficulties in these areas.

Educational Testing and Assessment for Children and Adults

We work with nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and independent specialist schools providing comprehensive and cost effective Educational Psychology services. All of our Educational Psychologists are registered with their appropriate governing bodies including the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and offer a flexible service tailored to your needs.

Below are just some of the services we are able to offer

  • Educational Assessments & reports including specific learning difficulties
  • Assistance with the Education, Health & Care (EHC) plan process
  • Consultations and support with parents
  • Training and information for staff
  • Assessments of children and adolescents with developmental, behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • Assessments of children and adolescents with attachment difficulties
  • Behavioural intervention & training
  • Facilitation of difficult meetings between staff and parents
  • Staff development and training including managing difficult behaviour, raising attainment and individual education plans

Family Mediation Service in Milton Keynes

Family mediators are there to help you to reach decisions about things that are important for you and your family. They can help you to find a way to plan for the future and to agree what will work best for you without having to go to court. That can save you time, money and stress.

Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, mediation can help you deal with your money, the options you may have about where you will live, and planning your future finances.

Speech and language services at The Practice MK

Speech and language therapists (SLT) work with children and adults who experience a developmental or an acquired communication difficulty or eating and drinking difficulty.

Speech and Language Therapists have the skills to assess the levels of speech, language and communication difficulty and to work directly with specific therapy targets to help the client overcome such difficulties.

Regular and targeted therapy can help clients achieve increased access to education/the world of work, as well as increased functional access within their local community and day to day lives.

Some of the conditions our SLT's can help with include:

  • Language delay disorder
  • Speech sound delay
  • Dyspraxia
  • Phonological awareness
  • Attention and listening
  • Stammer
  • Specific language impairment
  • Down's syndrome
  • Voice disorders
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Voice Disorders

Trauma Clinic

At The Practice MK we have a number of Associates, both Psychologists and Counsellors who have extensive knowledge in the field of trauma.  By combining their experience we are able to offer comprehensive trauma assessments, as well as short term and long term support for our clients.