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Assessment & Diagnosis

At The Practice | MK our Clinical Director and Principal Forensic and Chartered Psychologist, Katherine Goodsell has gained several years experience relating to the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder for males and females of all ages in private and NHS settings (paediatric services and CAMHS).

Our practice has developed a leading autism spectrum disorder service that delivers full diagnostic assessments and aims to provide a comprehensive report within 6 weeks of your assessment. 

We aim to ensure our clients receive an efficient and professional service. 

If you access our post diagnostic services we aim to enable an individual to understand how their autism spectrum disorder effects them and also consider interventions and strategies to help them, their family, school or work place so they are better equipped to support you. 



When someone is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder the natural question to ask is "What happens next?"

If you access our post diagnostic service we can provide tailored interventions that may help individuals manage particular difficulties.    


Our practice has qualified and experienced professionals that are able to deliver a range of support to help someone with ASD manage their condition more effectively or help them overcome difficulties. Support can come from:


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