Autism Diagnostic Assessment Fees

Our fees are individually tailored for each person we support.

Our semi structured fee policy detailing our standard diagnostic fee per age group is displayed below. Your consultation letter may discuss additional assessments to enhance your assessment process which will be charged accordingly. 


Consultation - £175

  • Developmental history
  • Self report tools to inform your psychologist regarding perceived difficulties 
  • 60 minute consultation with a psychologist with autism spectrum disorder experience 
  • Specific written recommendations for assessment and / or therapy 

Child ADA

For children aged 5 to 7 our assessments start from £1795 (includes speech and language assessment)

This assessment will be delivered by our Multi-Disciplinary Team

Young Persons ADA

For children and adolescents aged between 8 and 17 our assessments start from £1595 

This assessment will be delivered by our Multi-Disciplinary Team

Adult ADA

For those aged 18+ our assessments start from £1395


Fees and Payment Plans

An option of a payment plan is available for our autism spectrum assessments.  For more information please visit our payment plan page.

Fees for assessments are due upon confirmation of your appointments. 


Additional Assessments

The following additional assessments may have been discussed with you or recommended in your post consultation report.  If they have been recommended to you the fees will be explained in your report.

  • Full Educational Assessment (intelligence/achievement/full diagnostic)
  • Occupational Therapy Assessment (sensory processing/dyspraxia)
  • Speech and Language Assessment (standard with our Child ADA)
  • ADD / ADHD Diagnostic Assessment

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