Autism Diagnostic Service

We deliver full diagnostic assessments for children, young persons and adults to prove or disprove the presence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our team is led by Katherine Goodsell, Director and Principal Psychologist at The Practice MK who has been delivering Autism Diagnostic Services for males and females both in the NHS (paediatric services and CAMHS) and in the private sector for several years.  We offer full multi-disciplinary assessments for children as well as post diagnostic session and our service includes:

  • Efficient and Professional Diagnosis
  • Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Team
  • Interventions and strategies are made available to help an individual, their family, school or employer if required.
  • Detailed reports providing information on how a diagnosis of autism spectrum may effect a child's ability to access the curriculum or an adult's capacity to engage in work. 
  • Recommendations for employers to help support staff diagnosed with ASD.
  • Counselling and Coaching programmes suitable for individuals with ASD.
  • Training for professionals on what autism spectrum is and how to implement best practice for working with individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Identify local services that may help provide further support