Autism Pre-assessment questionnaire



For individuals ages 18 upwards having an adult autism diagnostic assessment with us you may have been asked to complete am adult autism pre-assessment questionnaire.  This will be sent to you by email providing you with a link to access the questionnaire.


The questionnaire takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete and ideally should be completed with a parent, caregiver or someone who knows you very well.  

You may find some of the questions difficult to answer, in this case please do not worry, just complete what you can and we can fill in the gaps during your assessment.  To help you we have provided some FAQ below.



Why do I need to have a parent or caregiver with me to complete it?

Some of the questions relate to your early development and asks you about your birth and when you hit your first milestones.  Most people do not remember this information and so parents or primary caregivers are usually needed.



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