Mental Health in 2015

Mental Health in 2015

Recently Ed Milliband called for measures to cut the suicide rate in the UK. At The Practice Milton Keynes we are very pleased to hear abut this move towards tackling the problems of people who feel so desperate that they take their own lives. Speaking at a conference on mental health Mr Clegg said, "Suicide is, and always has been, a massive taboo in our society. People are genuinely scared to talk about it, never mind intervene when they believe a loved one is at risk. That's why I'm issuing a call to every part of the NHS to commit to a new ambition for zero suicides. This isn't about blame. It is doing more in every area of our society to ensure that people don't get to that point where they believe taking their own life is their only option."

Suicide Rates Up

The fact is that more than 5,900 people took their own lives in the UK in 2012, according to the Samaritans and most of those people were men. In some age groups, according to National Statistics Office figures, suicide is the leading cause of death.

When Friends and Family Are Not Enough

There is no doubt that friends and family can be a great source of comfort to us when we are down, depressed or anxious, if we have lost a job or perhaps suffered a relationship break up.  These are usually transient episodes that pass.   But what happens if they don’t?  What happens if the situation begins to spiral out of control and make an impact on everyday life?   Some people feel nervous about seeing their doctor - there is still a stigma attached to admitting that you have mental health problems.   But like physical illnesses, that can affect anyone, mental illness is just the same. 

Even if you do pluck up the courage to visit your GP, if he or she decides that you need to go for counselling or any other kind of psychological support it an be six or twelve months before you can see anyone.  The pressures on the NHS are well known and mental health services are stretched to the limit.

Talking Therapies

At The Practice Milton Keynes we have a team of very experienced counsellors and psychologists and we are proud to be one of the only psychology family practices in the UK to provide a wide range of mental health services under one roof. We aim to offer treatment without the wait so that you can start getting better as soon as possible. In The Practice, trained practitioners who work with people to get over a temporary bump in the road or to tackle longer-term problems, deliver counselling and psychotherapy.  Our aim is always to help our patients to achieve an improvement in their symptoms and to enhance their wellbeing.

Working Through It Together

Together with your therapist you will be able to examine what has brought you to therapy, looking back on life events, as well as at the current situation.  With your therapists guidance you will be able to gain real insight into the way that you think and through that gain a better understanding of your own patterns of behaviour.

Your therapist at the Practice will work with you to examine the issues you have and help you to understand what has caused the problem.  Then they will help you to find the right way forward, for you.  Through the careful and expert care that we offer at The Practice we aim to help our patients resolve their problems and concerns or to help them identify coping mechanisms that they can use.

Why Wait when You Need Help? 

Therapy is not usually a quick one-visit fix.  It can often take time to work out issues that may have been present for many years or have deep rooted causes.  We know that it can be difficult to deal with mental health issues but the figures for suicide mean that we all need to do more.  At The Practice Milton Keynes we are determined to play our part. 

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