Relationship Counselling with The Practice MK

There may be a particular issue you wish to sort outor you may just want to communicate better and fight less. Relationship counselling builds on what first attracted you to each other and what can be done to reduce hurt and conflict. You may be in a pattern where one of you wants more and your partner withdraws.

Most couples come for relationship counselling because they want to be able to talk about things without arguing. They want to be closer and have more fun.  


Relationship Counselling at The Practice MK

Almost one in five (18%) couples in the UK argue regularly or consider separating, a study suggests.
The report, carried out by charity Relate and based on a survey of 20,980 people in relationships from 2013-15, suggested 2.87 million people were in “distressed” relationships.

Our closest relationships can provide us with some of life’s greatest happiness and satisfaction.

Here at The Practice MK, Milton Keynes, we see many couples who have turned to counselling and therapy as a means of improving or rescuing their relationships. Our experienced relationship therapists work with you together to help you rebuild your relationship or, if you wish to separate or divorce, to do so as amicably as possible.

Your therapist’s aim is not to resolve the issues for you, but to develop your skills so you can resolve the issues yourselves. They will encourage you to talk openly about difficult topics and explore your childhood and family history. By analysing your behavioural patterns and the ways in which you communicate with each other, they will also help you see discrepancies in your and your partner’s behaviour and teach you techniques to improve your communication. 

Ultimately, we work to support you as a couple to identify patterns and modes of communication and behaviours so you can both take responsibility for your own choices and actions and work out the best way for you to resolve your complications.

Relationship counselling can help you come to the decision of what you should do with your relationship. Once you have made that decision, we can help you either to work out your problems and stick together, or help you to split up from each other with the minimum of fuss. You can speak to our counsellors face to face, by phone or online. We also have a range of other services for people who want help with their relationship. 


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