Special Education Needs And Autism

Special Education Needs And Autism – What You Need To Know

There has long been a debate about autism and other conditions that, when diagnosed, result in children being categorised as having special educational needs (SEN) and offered various forms of supported learning at school.  

Childrens Autism Assessments

The Children and Families Bill

At The Practice Milton Keynes we are always up to date with any changes that affect the way children in the SEN category are assessed.  In last year’s Children and Families Bill there was a rethink of the way that any child with special educational needs should be supported. This is something that we at The Practice | MK are very happy to know about as it will mean that the child who has been assessed and found to have SEN will be put at the centre of planning surrounding the support he or she is to be given.  At the same time is will also make teachers more answerable for the progress each child makes.


The Practice – for all the family

At The Practice we have had a lot of experience of helping families who have been told that their child is in an SEN category, often as a result of autism.  It can be a very upsetting time for some as well as a relief when they can finally put a name to the behaviour and traits that their child has been exhibiting.   But before anything else can happen or a special programme set up for that child, he or she will need to be assessed competently so that the level of need is identified for his or her school to plan around.  At The Practice | MK, our family counsellors and experts in child psychology and conditions are very experienced in all the areas that lead to children been classified as having SEN.


Personally Administered Budget

We will be able to offer you current information on policy such as the fact that under the current system, the education, health and care plan (EHC) replaces the old system of SEN and learning difficulty assessments (LDAs).  Young people and parents of pupils who have an EHC can choose to administer their own personal budget to buy in the support that has been identified as being required. The money for these personal budgets will come from the high-needs funding block that will normally be administered separately to a school's SEN budget.

In this new regimen, teachers will be more accountable for the progress of all pupils under the new code and that will include those pupils who are supported by specialist teaching assistant staff. Teachers will be performance managed to judge them on how effective their teaching is of children categorised as SEN.


Early Assessment Means Early Intervention

Educational Assessments

Waiting for an assessment to start on the road to getting a child the special help he or she needs can take a long time in an over stretched NHS where the waiting list for such assessments can be alarmingly long.  We know that every loving parent wants the best for their child and that having been told that there is a problem, they will want the assessment done as soon as it can be.  That is where we come in.   With fully qualified and experienced team that between them, have many years of experience, we can see the child concerned and carry out the necessary assessments in a fraction of the time that you would have to wait on the NHS.  

We know that this is not just an issue that is confined to the child concerned and our team interact with the family as a whole to offer help and encouragement and explain everything carefully at what can be a bewildering and frightening time for everyone.

The Practice Milton Keynes is a place where every member of the family is important in what we do. 

The Practice MK