What are Relationship Difficulties?

As humans, we are very social, with relationships being central to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Throughout our lives we are involved in many relationships, some of which we view as rewarding and positive and some that are less so. At times relationships are very easily maintained and are positive in almost every aspect. Factors that define a positive and supportive relationship include:

  • Trust - mutual trust is an essential component in a good relationship an absence of which is often a cause of conflict
  • Mutual respect - understanding and accepting the other as a distinct individual with thought and emotions of their own.
  • Good communication - open and honest communication is the cornerstone of a solid relationship. Freely allowing the other person the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and listening to their opinion.



At times however, we find difficulty in our connections with others especially with those we care most about and these close personal relationships begin to breakdown. This can lead to us feeling let down, disappointed, angry and alone. It is at this point that we see our relationships with others as being problematic.

Relationship Difficulties

In basic terms the reason people have difficulty within a relationship if there has been a substantial breakdown in trust, respect or communication or a combination of all of these factors. Examples of this are:

Betrayals and Affairs

Betrayal of a partner, family member or close friend can result in significant damage being caused to that relationship. This could be as a result of unfaithfulness, sharing personal information or breaking agreements, all are fundamentally a breach of trust and cause significant upset. It is possible for people to work through these issues and rebuild that level of trust.

Divorce and separation

Couple Counselling

The decision to formally and completely end a marriage or close personal relationship can be as the result of many factors. Some of these factors can be worked through before the ultimate decision to end the relationship is taken. Even after a couple have decided to divorce or separate they may still have to establish a relationship with each other, especially when they have children.

Family Issues

Inter family relationships are very complex and unique ones. The way in which we relate to members of our close and extended families alters with time and is dependent on situations that arise and impact upon them. Issue like children’s behaviour, drugs and alcohol, family illness, financial difficulties, partners’ behaviour all impact on family relationships and these situations can become overwhelming. An individual may have a current or unresolved historical issue with a family member that continues to cause them difficulty and stops them moving forward with their life.


Impact on the Family

As relationships represent the very fabric by which families are held together, any unresolved issue can be hugely problematic. Relationships problems can be very short lived, yet still be very disruptive or they can exist in families for long periods of time, slowly causing significant damage to that family. As relationships affect us on a deeply emotional level the negative feelings caused by the relationships can remain with us for many years. Children are particularly susceptible to this kind of emotional harm as they may blame themselves for difficulties within the family, carrying this guilt with them into adulthood.


How can we help?

The Practice MK offers Counselling and Psychotherapy, often called Talking Therapies for couples, individuals and family members to look at issues that negatively affect their relationships. Therapy sessions are delivered by trained and experienced practitioners trained who will provide the opportunity to discuss issues in a safe, understanding and supportive environment.

Individuals and their therapist may wish to discuss current or past issue affecting them, feelings they have around these issues and how these issues affect them and those around them. During sessions, individuals and therapists will look at coping strategies and methods to ensure positive outcomes for all concerned.

All our counsellors and therapists are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)


If you or someone you know may be suffering from relationship difficulties, drop us an email or telephone call and we can talk to you more about the services we provide.

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