Child & Adolescent Services

At The Practice MK we have a number of Associates, both Psychologists and Counsellors who have extensive knowledge and experience working with our younger clients. Our Psychologists provide consultations with you and your child to discuss your concerns and to provide you with a detailed treatment formulation or recommendations going forward.

With immediate and direct referral to our Counselling and Therapy Team we are able to offer individualised short and long term support for children.


Making a referral

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If you would like to discuss our services before making a referral then please use the Quick Enquiry button below. A Case Manager can either call you back or reply by email with further information.  If you would you like to proceed with making a referral for your child, please click the Referral button below and you will be redirected to a secure site where you will be asked to complete our standard referral information form. 


Attending a consultation

A consultation lasts up to one hour where the issues can be explored in a safe environment.  During the consultation one or more psychological assessments may be delivered to enable the psychologist to form a comprehensive understanding of the child and the associated difficulties. 

Following your consultation

Following your consultation you will be presented with a psychological formulation.  You will receive a clear understanding of how psychologically any identified difficulties have developed, what is maintaining them and what needs to happen for the situation to improve.  



Following your consultation and assessment we will send you a short report in the form of a letter detailing your psychologists formulation and their recommendations.  This usually takes 5 working days and is submitted using encrypted email. 

Fees & Referrals

For up to date information on our fees please send us a 'Quick Enquiry' or contact a Case Manager on 01908 766526.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a referral for yourself or someone you know, please press the referral button below and complete our form.