Children, trauma and neglect


The service led by our Clinical Psychologists, is provided for children that have been exposed to trauma or subjected to abuse.  Our teams’s comprehensive assessments and therapy draws from a range of different psychological frameworks such as CBT, systemic theory and attachment theory.

Our Psychologists can assess the likely impact of early detrimental experiences on the child / young adult and make recommendations as to what would be beneficial for them either indirectly through their environment and care providers or directly through individual therapy. 


Attending a consultation

Consultations provide parents and carers with a safe environment where the issues can be explored and to enable the psychologist to form a comprehensive understanding of the child and the associated difficulties. The psychologist will feedback their thoughts during the session and discuss the options available going forward.

Following your consultation

Following your consultation you will be sent a letter summarising any recommendations and how to proceed.

Child Trauma & Neglect explained

Early Childhood Trauma

We can assess and formulate interventions for children with early childhood trauma, which generally refers to the traumatic experiences that occur to children aged 0-6. These traumas can be the result of intentional violence—such as child physical or sexual abuse, or domestic violence—or the result of natural disaster, accidents, or war.

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma describes the problem of children's exposure to multiple or prolonged traumatic events and the impact of this exposure on their development. Typically, complex trauma exposure involves the simultaneous or sequential occurrence of child maltreatment—including psychological maltreatment, neglect, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and domestic violence—that is chronic, begins in early childhood, and occurs within the primary care giving system.


Child neglect occurs when a parent or caregiver does not give a child the care he or she needs according to its age. It can mean that a parent or caregiver is not providing a child with medical or mental health treatment or not giving prescribed medicines the child needs. Neglect can also mean neglecting the child's education and emotional needs.


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