Consultation Service

The Practice MK is a specialist provider of mental health and diagnostic assessments, counselling and talking therapy services.  We support clients to overcome mental health challenges that may be effecting day-to-day activities.  Our approach to client care is unique with our services delivered using a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, counsellors, therapists and well being practitioners. 

We often recommend a consultation for clients who wish to understand the underlying cause of their negative emotions and unwanted behaviours and explain how these might be changed.  For clients with complex difficulties a consultation is an opportunity to formulate an effective evidence based treatment plan or to assist in onward referal to local or private healthcare professionals.

Initial Consultation

A 90 minute appointment with one of our HCPC registered psychologists that has the experience and understanding of the area of concern you wish you discuss. Feedback is provided towards the end of the appointment and a short letter summarising the consultation will be sent out to you by secure email the next working day.

Enhanced Consultation

For clients who are experiencing severe challenges or present with complex difficulties we may recommend an enhanced consultation. In addition to a 90 minute appointment with one of our HCPC registered psychologists an enhanced consultation includes:

  • Tailored self-assessment pack to complete prior to your appointment.  This may include assessments for you, a relative or your child's school to complete
  • A developmental questionnaire
  • A full 90 minute appointment
  • A comprehensive report sent to you by secure email within 7 working days.
  • If appropriate, we will provide a referral to other healthcare providers on your behalf.