Counselling and Therapy Service

Our team includes highly experienced and specialised Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists who can deliver a wide range of therapy that is suited to you.

Depending on your presenting difficulties our Case Managers will often recommend one or two options for you to consider.  

  • Consultation 
  • Therapy

We work with individuals, couples, families and young children.

All our associates are registered with either statutory or self regulated organisations that provide a codes of practice and ethical framework for practising.

Professional bodies that register practitioners and support them with maintaining continuous professional development.  This ensures the therapy they deliver is at the highest standard.

Browse the full range of services we offer and if you have any questions, speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to talk to you.


To speak to one of the team about booking an appointment call us on 01908 766526 or email us at

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Do I need to have a consultation before receiving therapy?

Not always. We might recommend you see a psychologist if you have specific challenges or unable to fully describe your current situation. Psychologists are trained and experienced to formulate effective treatment plans that may involve more than one type of intervention.

What payment methods do you have?

In order for us to confirm your appointment the bill payer must have informed us of their preferred payment method. They can do this by using our Client Forms on our website.

We offer clients two payment methods, our automatic payment method and our pre-pay method. Further information on both can be found under our Fees page on our website


What we can help with


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We aim to to give you the tools to re build your own pathway.
— Dominic Goodsell, Practice Manager