NHS referrals for Autism Diagnostic Assessments

The Practice MK is currently able to accept NHS funded referrals if the individual is registered with a GP within the Milton Keynes area and over the age of 16.  Whilst we are more than happy to accept a referral from any NHS trust, your assessment will only be automatically funded if you are registered with a practice within Milton Keynes.

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Patients aged 16 and over may be referred by their GP or self refer to Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group.

The Process

  • First speak to your GP about your concerns and discuss your reasons for considering an assessment for autism spectrum

  • Your GP will determine if an assessment for autism spectrum is appropriate for you

  • Your GP will need to complete an “NHS Referral for Autism Diagnostic Assessment (Adults 16 years+)” and email the referral to onepsy.pmkreferral@nhs.net. A copy of the form is available to download here but must be completed and sent via your GP.

  • Please ask your GP to include a nominated person to contact on your behalf if you are uncomfortable speaking to our team initially and remember to provide them with your email address. This is to avoid any delay with your assessment.

  • Once we have received your referral you will be contacted by a member of the Case Management Team within 48 hours. We will also acknowledge your referral from your GP within 24 hours.

  • You will need to complete a Service Acknowledgement and Consent Form before we are able to offer you an assessment appointment date. Please complete this as soon as possible to ensure we can offer you the earliest possible appointment. The form is available on our website under Client Forms

  • Once we have received this you will be sent a number of self-assessments to complete prior to your appointment with your psychologist

  • Your assessment will take place at our practice at Warren Park

  • After your assessment we will invite you to attend a post assessment consultation approximately 4 weeks after your assessment so we can provide you with feedback

  • You will receive a post assessment letter summarising the outcome of your assessment and any recommendations made shortly after your post assessment consultation.

A copy of your post assessment letter will be automatically forwarded to your GP. If appropriate, it will include any recommendations for further support.




GP Referraal Form

Must be completed by your GP.