Registering with our Practice

To receive services from us we need you to complete a registration form. Completing our forms are easy and once complete, prior to submission via https our forms will self encrypt meaning your data is safe and secure.  Only administration staff at the practice will be able to open it.

If you are looking to book an appointment with any member of the team, we ask that you either call us on 01908 766526 or by sending us an email using our contact form.  You may send us an email without using our contact form, we still aim to respond within 2 hours.


We have been made aware that a number of clients with Apple devices are experiencing difficulty signing the registration forms on mobile devices using their finger (submit button will not activate). Please simply type your name in the box and leave the finger signing option alone! This should work correctly.


Registering on behalf of a family member or friend

If you are a carer, family member or friend who is supporting someone with finding help.  We want to make life as easy as possible for everyone.  We do ask for the individual receiving treatment to complete our client registration form above and provide us with their nominated third party details. 

If you are named as the 'bill payer' for a client registering with us then you will need to complete a registration form but please select 'bill payer' from the options at the beginning so that you do not have to complete the entire form!


Parents, Children and Disclosure

For parents registering their children, we understand that naturally you will want to be included in their treatment.  We do, however, have strict confidentiality agreements with all our clients with some of the services we provide such as counselling.  Counselling and therapy are most effective when trust is built between the client and the counsellor/therapist/psychologist and it can be difficult for them to share the content of a session. 

To explain how we work with children and parents please see our guide