School Based Assessment

As part of our multi-disciplinary approach to autism diagnostic assessment we invite a child's school or nursery to contribute to the assessment process.

Following your consultation and with your consent, we write to your school's SENCO to make them aware we have been instructed to assess your child for Autism Spectrum Condition.  We explain how we intend to do this and include two self assessments for your child's teacher to complete.  

They can do this whilst your child is at school and in a more natural environment compared to our Practice.  We provide the following assessments for them to complete and return to us.



The Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, now in its third edition, is one of the most widely used instruments for the assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the world.  Full guidence is provided.


The Social Responsivness Scale identifies the presence and severity of social impairment within the autism spectrum and differentiates it from that which occurs in other disorders


School Based Observation

Depending on your child's age and circumstances we may also request an appointment for our Associate Speech and Language Therapist to visit and conduct a school based observation.


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