The Sensory Profile 2 and Sensory Profile

Assessment Summary

Sensory assessments help evaluate a child / young persons or adults sensory processing patterns in the context of home, school, work and community-based activities.

We evaluate a child / young person or adults unique sensory processing patterns from a position of strengths, providing deeper insight to help you or their school customise the next steps of  any intervention.  

Age Group

  • Sensory Profile 2 - 0 to 14 Years
  • Sensory Profile 14+


  • Ask us regarding the  Occupational Therapist assessment

This assessment is useful to:

  • Identify and document how sensory processing may be contributing to or interfering with a child / young person or adult participation at home, school, work and the community
  • Contribute valuable information to a comprehensive assessment of the child’s and adults sensory strengths and challenges in context
  • Develop effective treatment plans, interventions, and everyday remediation strategies.  

How we administer the assessment

Children and young person

The forms are completed by parents, caregivers and teachers, who are in the strongest position to observe the child’s response to sensory interactions that occur throughout the day. Our Occupational Therapist will conduct a thorough assessment and also then evaluate all information and provide the results in a fully comprehensive report.

Adolescents and adults

The Sensory Profile will be forwarded and interpreted alongside all the information provided during your assessment process.