Trauma Assessment & Support Service (TASS)

At The Practice MK we have a number of Associates, both Psychologists and Counsellors who have extensive knowledge in the field of trauma.  By combining their experience we are able to offer comprehensive trauma assessments, as well as short term and long term support for our clients.

A number of sufferers with PTSD may recover with no or limited interventions. However, without effective treatment, many people may develop chronic problems over many years. The severity of the initial traumatic response is a reasonable indicator of the need for early intervention, and treatment should not be withheld in such circumstances.

Our guide below has been developed by our team of Associates and based upon guidelines created by The National Institure for Health and Care Excellence - NICE.


For up to date information on our fees or to discuss yours or someone you knows situation please send us an email or contact a Case Manager

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Observation, Initial Screening

Where symptoms can be described as 'mild'  and have been present for less than 4 weeks after the trauma, observation of the individual should be considered.  During this period we recommend that they contact their GP and seek further advice. 

We offer an initial screening service which can provide you with advice on how to manage the symptoms and information on what to do next.  A follow up appointment will be offered within one month to monitor progress.


Consultation & Assessment

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Where symptoms are described as more than just 'mild' and have been present for more than 4 weeks after the trauma, we recommend seeing one of our specialists who can provide a detailed assessment.  This appointment lasts for up to 90 minutes, following which you will receive a detailed report with a recommended therapy pathway.



Following your consultation and assessment we will send you a short report in the form of a letter detailing your psychologist's formulation and any relevant recommendations.  This usually takes 7 working days and is submitted using encrypted email. 

If you require a report for an employment tribunal or criminal / civil court then please inform us as soon as possible.  Reports for court are required to be in a set format and we will be need to include additional information and this is usually completed via our Expert Witness sister company One Psychology. 

We will also need to take formal instructions from your legal representative.