The WIAT 2 - UK

Assessment Summary

WIAT-II UK is a rich, reliable source of information about an individual's achievement skills and it allows you to assess problem-solving abilities by evaluating the process as well as the product. The WIAT-II UK is unique in that it is directly linked to the WISC-IV UK and so provides excellent comparisons of achievement and ability.   

The WIAT-II UK was standardised on children aged 4 years to 16 years 11 months in the UK. 


There are three measures of reading:

  • Word Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Pseudoword Decoding

There are two measure of numerical attainment:

  • Numerical operations
  • Mathematical Reasoning

There are two measures of written language attainment:

  • Spelling
  • Written expression

There are two measures of oral language attainment:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral expression


Age Group

  • 4 to 16 Years & 11 Months


This assessment is useful for:

  • The WIAT-II is suitable for use in clinical, educational and research settings
  • It can be used to identify the academic strengths and weaknesses
  • The WIAT-II can provide meaningful information to assist with diagnostic, eligibility, placement, and intervention decisions
  • Used widely in assessments for access arrangements

How we administer the assessment

The assessment is delivered at our practice in Milton Keynes and can take between 90 minutes and two hours for children aged 12+.  We then evaluate the results in a fully comprehensive report.

We often combine the WIAT-II UK with other assessments to provide you with a complete picture of an individuals academic strengths and weaknesses.  As a result of this we provide educational assessment packages which save you money by combining assessments together.